Birthday Gifts

Here’s a birthday hug
and a birthday kiss,
I’m sending to heaven.

I’ll send it with your favorite flowers
with those chocolate mints you love
and a freshly squeezed orange juice
I’ll leave the cards at the gate,
signed by all your eleven children.

I’ll wrap the gifts in a cozy blanket
package it just for you.
I’ll send them with your favorite songs
I’ll bring it all
Everything that you want
Everything that you need
Tell me, what do you need mommy?

Are you cold, over there?
I’ll pack your soft slippers
I’ll record all the TV shows you’ve missed,
I’ll send them with your favorite ice cream
topped with melted chocolate
a cherry on top
popcorn on the side
Tell me,
what else can I bring for you?

I’ll make you a photo book,
compile a video
show you the Sefer Torah that Tatty made for you,
tell me,
what’s the address?
I’ll have the car ready
how do I get there?
Tell me,
Which train do I take?
Which rivers do I need to cross
to get to you?

I just want to wish you a
very happy, beloved, birthday.
Today you’d be 67.
I still celebrate your life every day
in every breath I take
my hearts beats
with you.
I love you.

Love always,
your baby

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