Pesach 2022 / The Same Place without the Same People

I was anxious the whole week following up to the big trip. My first time back at my sister’s house for the Passover holiday since both my parents died. I would be staying in the room they always slept in, in the bed I knew as my mothers, sitting on the porch that was myContinue reading “Pesach 2022 / The Same Place without the Same People”

The last of 2021 – Losing my Father and my Home

November 7th, 2021. My father passed away in Cornell Hospital while I was running on the sidewalks alongside the NYC marathon. People blew horns and cheered wildly as we got the call that he passed. They clapped and smiled and shouted as my father’s soul departed from his body. We were on the wrong sideContinue reading “The last of 2021 – Losing my Father and my Home”

Birthday Gifts

Here’s a birthday hugand a birthday kiss,I’m sending to heaven. I’ll send it with your favorite flowerswith those chocolate mints you loveand a freshly squeezed orange juiceI’ll leave the cards at the gate,signed by all your eleven children. I’ll wrap the gifts in a cozy blanketpackage it just for you.I’ll send them with your favoriteContinue reading “Birthday Gifts”

The “Second Year Holidays”

We always think the first year is the hardest,And it most certainly is,Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like those first holidaysThe shock, the fear, the tears that seem to never endThose moments when you think you will never be able to go more than three minutes without crying, That you’ll never be happy again,Continue reading “The “Second Year Holidays””