The Mending Word

The Mending Word: Part 5

Writings shared from the fifth session. Prompt: What Is The Story of The Story You Are In?

There once was a little girl named Michal. 
She had brown hair and blue eyes. She adored her parents and she was loved very much. When she was four years old, she did not have a bed yet, for her small home was filled with 11 children and  2 parents, so she shared her mommy's bed. But she was happy and never complained. One day, her mommy was in her bed, she was weak and sad, and had blue and green bottles, and no eyebrows, and she didn't come to her school plays anymore. Michal didn't remember how long it lasted for. All she remembered was jumping on her bed, her and her mommy's bed, and everyone yelling at her to stop. She was told to leave, she couldn't bother mommy anymore, for she was very sick. That day, a big black monster called fear, went into little michal’s heart and it stayed there.
For a long time, after that, michal's mommy got better, and the cancer monster went away, never to come back. Michal grew up in a very loving home, filled with endless laughter and love, light and warmth. There was sadness and hardships in between, but home was always safe. Michal was spoiled by her parents, for she was the baby, and she knew that their love would never go away, and it would protect her from all monsters.
Then, as michal was on the cusp of adulthood, the cancer monster came back in her mother’s bones. Michal told everyone that it was the good cancer, and it was okay. It was 4 years of struggle, but michal's mother never lost her hair, and she took that as a good sign. Then the monster moved swiftly from the bones and into her mothers liver, where it weakened her and took away all the light and warmth from michal's mothers eyes. A few weeks later, the monster went into her mommy's brain, and now michal was worried. She worried, and questioned, and yelled, and cried and begged, and held her mother close, but it was no use. Death came and took michal's mommy away from her arms. The world went dark. Nothing made sense. The big black fear that was nestled in michal's heart got bigger and swam to her arms, her legs, her stomach, her shoulders. It was everywhere. But michal still felt her mothers love. And she was grateful to have her father, who was very sick, but as long as he was alive, michal could still be a child.
But death got greedy. It swept the cities, it took the young, the old, the innocent. Not two years after taking her mother, death swept michal's father in its arms, and closed his eyes, and though michal held on tightly, she was not strong enough, and so death whisked away her home, and burned her soul, and filled the clouds with rain and stole all the love that michal's parents gave her and vanished it, forever. And michal was left an orphan, and she searched for her parents everywhere. In the blue skies on a clear day and in the snowflakes that danced on her fingertips and in the flowers that she bought every Friday, but she couldn't find them anymore. And she took whatever she would keep from her home, but she couldn't take home with her, for the people who lived in it were gone now, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't bring home back. No matter how hard michal cried for her loss, there was no answer to heard. Only the black fear that remained in place of her soul.  Michal was an adult and grew up very fast. She had bills to pay, and estates to manage, and wills to execute. But she didn't feel like an adult at all, any of the time. She still felt like that four year old girl who was yelled at for jumping on her mommy's bed. She was confused and sad most of the time, and just wanted to lay next to her mommy, in her bed, in her home, with her dad, and all of her 10 sisters and brothers, where she always belonged. 

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